Spiritual retreat

Spiritual retreats for religious groups are ideal for members of a church, congregation, synagogue or mosque, who are looking for a peaceful and serene location for introspection and contemplation. It’s a way of finding one’s inner self and creating a sense of spiritual awakening with other members of a group. From prayers to meditation, a spiritual retreat can take two forms: a personal retreat and a preached retreat.

In general, these retreats include prayers, moments of reflection and healing, meditation, presentations from the retreat leader and the healing expert. These retreats, which can last a weekend or a full week, always require a calm, serene location, away from the city and technology. What’s more, many groups insist on complete silence during their retreat.

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Domaine Eastman is a place of natural beauty, organic calm and pure peace. This private, intimate location is ideal for a spiritual retreat. Whether you are members of a church, religious group or a group seeking a spiritual getaway, the Domaine will fulfill your needs. The Inn offers you a host of meeting rooms for your events and a spectacular outdoor environment with magnificent views of Mont-Orford. A perfect spot to meditate and heal, we will cater to your every whim and help plan every detail of your retreat.

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