Domaine Eastman

In 2004, Serge Thibaudeau, President of Fonds Québecor, fell in love with this charming Inn that was actually a barn built back in 1902. For this man of vision, its spectacular view of Mont Orford and its lush bucolic setting meant so much more. ‘ When I first arrived, I was transfixed for 45 minutes gazing at the surroundings’ gushes Serge Thibaudeau. ‘ There’s beauty throughout the world, but we often forget the spectacular natural beauty right here in Québec.’ And so he became the owner of the inn and had the idea of making it a unique place where groups, companies and associations could get together to reflect, refresh and innovate.I In 2004, he founded the Auberge du Savoir which eventually became Domaine Eastman. A warm, genuine and discreetly private 19-acre oasis surrounded by the sheer glory of nature.

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