Business meeting

A company’s culture is its DNA. A company with a strong culture is one that firmly implants it in their people to motivate and inspire them. It’s the cement that forms the bedrock of an organization. Once the culture and vision have been defined, it must be transmitted to all employees. A great idea for your next business meeting is to hold it outside of the office, ideally somewhere that lets you escape from your normal daily routine and lets you see and think about things differently. A calm, serene spot surrounded by the beauty of nature to inspire and relax you. A place that lets all participants intermingle organically. What’s more, we recommend that you plan a series of fun activities between meetings. This allows everyone to relax and see each other in a whole new context. The goal is to increase your company’s productivity and efficiency. A business meeting can meet different objectives:

  • Share the corporate culture with all the employees and make them closer;
  • Find solutions for an existing or potential client;
  • Plan the year and identify new challenges;
  • Create relationships with potential clients;
  • Communicate the company vision to employees;
  • Involve the employees in company decisions and reward their participation;
  • Improve overall collaboration to increase company performance.

Our offers

Domaine Eastman is an Inn that specializes in group meetings, particularly business meetings. You’ll find a host of meeting rooms that can be custom-tailored to meet your needs, as well as unmatched logistical support for your presentations and meetings.

What’s more, you can count on the solid expertise of our team to help you plan each and every detail your meetings and your stay with us. We can also organize all catering during your stay, or if you prefer, you can use our fully-equipped kitchen and invite your own chef. We can even suggest a chef who will be pleased to treat your guests to their sumptuous cuisine. Domaine Eastman is the place to hold any private meeting in a warm, inviting environment.

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