Corporate training

Corporate training is a vital aspect for any company. It can improve efficiency and productivity for employees and managers alike. It’s a great way for all members of a company to refresh themselves, renew relationships, discover new skills and self-motivate. Training also offers an advantage on a human level. It involves employees in the future of a company, rewards their work, improves collaboration and teamwork, plus rallies the troops behind a common goal:: the success of the company.

There are numerous benefits of corporate training sessions:

  • Employees will be more effective when they’re more skilled.
  • They will feel more appreciated and more involved in the company’s evolution.
  • They will also be less stressed by the demands of their job and more energized in their work.
  • This will have a positive impact on absenteeism and work stoppages.

A company that properly trains its employees has a concrete advantage over its competition. Since a company’s key asset is its employees, more effective employees mean a more effective company. Training sessions can be most effective when they’re held off the beaten track. Taking employees out of their normal routine and putting them in a whole new environment, one that’s calm, warm, charming and intimate, can be more stimulating and inspiring. Not having them distracted by calls and emails they would normally have in the office, allows them to focus entirely on the session at hand. What’s more, you can plan a host of fun activities between sessions to lighten the mood and give them a much-needed break while getting to know one another in a new context. These training sessions out of the office let the team to strengthen ties while enhancing their own skillset.

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Domaine Eastman is an ideal place to host a private retreat for corporate training. It’s a location dedicated to groups seeking a discreet getaway amidst a warm and inspiring setting. A spot surrounded by nature’s splendour that promotes reflection and calm. The Domaine offers a level of comfort ideal for groups from 8 to 40 people. You’ll choose from many meeting rooms that can be custom-tailored to your needs as well as terrific logistical support for your presentations or workshops. You can also take advantage of a host of outdoor spaces in a spectacular natural setting where participants can enjoy a range of fun activities. In addition to offering you an ideal place to hold your training sessions, we can also help you secure the right people to lead these sessions. Our team of corporate event specialists offers you an unmatched level of personalized service and attention to detail to meet all your expectations.

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