Business seminar

Companies are constantly evolving and must quickly adapt to new challenges. A business seminar is an excellent way to inspire the troops and motivate employees to go the extra distance. These seminars also let companies share new challenges and stakes with employees and convey their management’s global vision. They may feature different activities, including presentations, training, motivational workshops, Brainstorming sessions, conferences, discussions, etc.

These different activities give employees and management the chance to establish a dialogue, to settle problems and conflicts, to generate new ideas, to define new objectives and to innovate.

This collaboration between various participants lets the company become more flexible and efficient. Another important element of a business seminar is to get employees and management away from their usual routine. It is important to find a location that allows participants to see things differently. They must be inspired, not only by conference leaders, but also by fun activities and by the location itself. Business seminars must combine cerebral activities with lighter, more entertaining ones, like team games, sports, or other activities that give the brain a rest and let people see each other in a whole new light.

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At Domaine Eastman, we strongly believe that we have created the perfect conditions to make your seminar a great success: the beauty of nature, the charm of the Inn, spectacular views, the many sports and leisure activities, in short, everything you need for a fabulous seminar. And don’t forget our expert team of corporate event specialists offering you an unmatched level of personalized service and attention to detail to meet all your expectations.

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