Brainstorming session

Brainstorming is a powerful reflective technique that helps a company or a group solve problems or generate original, innovative ideas. The principle of Brainstorming is to let participants express themselves freely and to record all ideas. Four rules are to be respected during Brainstorming:

-Think quantity

The more ideas, the better. Ideas must not be judged too quickly as they may first appear bad but contain a new, better way of seeing things.

-No censure

It is vital not to criticize others’ ideas. Just make note of them and choose later.

-Remain open

You must accept any ideas that appear strange or impossible. This is a way to think differently and innovatively.

-Combine ideas and improve them

The last stage is to combine ideas, thereby improving them. Two ideas on the table could be the big idea when combined. One just needs to see how this can happen.

A Brainstorming session can last from 2 hours to an entire day. It depends on the number of people involved, the goals, and of course the amount of time a company or group allocates. These creative sessions, when held in a calm and serene spot, can lead to great ideas and truly innovative concepts.

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